Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Droog Family

I met Pete and Jaime about ten years ago. Right after they got married, I think! I instantly liked them (partially because I love the name Pete) but mostly because they are just a sweet and fun couple. I was working in banking then and it just amazes me to think about where I was then and where I am now! My, how things can change!

Jaime contacted me awhile ago and wanted to do a session to celebrate her and Pete's 10th wedding anniversary. They also wanted to get a few family pictures and pictures of their two adorable daughters.

Happy Ten Year Anniversary in a few days, Pete and Jaime!

Thanks for thinking of me to do your pictures. I sure had a great time catching up with you and getting to know your wonderful (and sassy cute) daughters.

Enjoy your sneak peek! More coming soon!

First we will start with the two that started it all....

Pete and Jaime

Then, along came Madelyn

Any Miss Chloe

And that makes a family

The girls were adorable

Of course, I am sure they don't get along all of the time. This is just a small play cat fight.